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UPDATE   09-23-17
As you see, especially if you are a regular at our site here, things started to come together (repairs to site etc.) a few days ago but then other parts broke and it was back to the drawing board for us again.

Site admin -bc- will be focusing his attention on the site issues again this weekend while home from business trips, thus will forego any other activity (like flying and other fun things) until solved.

The next scheduled NightFlight, which will be themed around a survey of crash recovery efforts in south central Alaska, will be held:

Sept. 30th @ 2300 EDT

Apologies once again for the disruption. I'm hoping that we will get all of this stabilized for another few years. Thanks all!
One More Time
With deep apologies, I announce that the regularly scheduled NightFlight for this week will not be hosted by -bc- yet again, and this time it may be problematic if someone else attempts to coordinate one using the forum tonight or tomorrow.

The Forum and a number of deep technical issues at our site are being worked on this evening from about 2000 to midnight EDT and again on the 20th (next Wednesday) from 2200 to 0200 the following morning. The issues are both vexing and perplexing to the tech team at WEBS as well as myself and another member who I am working with but we hope to resolve these problems, one way or the other, by the 21st.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Important Updates
No NightFlight This Saturday
Due to circumstances beyond our control, bc will not be able to host a flight this week, on Sat. Sept. 8, 2017. Apologies to all and I remind you that you can host one as a member using TeamSpeak if you are so inclined! Please post in Forum under Online if so.
Site Struggles
As you are no doubt aware, the Recent Posts feature is not working yet. Next week we are ramping up the tech in an attempt to fix this plus a few more long-standing issues in hopes of bringing you a better user experience. Stay tuned please, but in the meantime, to go to the Forum and see recent posts there
Saturday NightFlight - September 2, 2017

Come on and all with your fabulous DC-3 aircraft for a great flight in the mountains, complete with a bit of adrenaline to keep you on your toes!

Click the Picture Above or Here to go to the details.

Thanks to those who tested frequently and kept me apprised and to all of you who were patiently standing by. I, and all of our members, appreciate your continued support.
Cheers, bc
Follow The Salmon

Historical Tour
July 8, 2017

2200 EDT
Come and fly a historical salmon run in Southeast Alaska either with the NightFliers, on your own or host a DayFlight.
Best results in scenery are with HD Mesh V3 and Tom Curtis' Final Frontier and Inside Passage Payware scenery. Click the pic to go to the details.
Please note the early start at 2200 EDT (0200 GMT 07/09).
Coming July 1st, 2017
Celebrating Canada's 150th & USA's Independence Day
This will be a 2½ hour NightFlight hosted by bc

Starting @ 2200 EDT (0300 GMT) - 1 hour earlier than usual.

Fly at night with the gang or host a Dayflight or fly it solo.

Discover More Alaskan History - Right Here at EPOCH Alaska Air!
Exciting News
Classic NightFlight 04-15-17

This one is for all of you Beaver drivers (DHC-2) out there. An iconic flight, lasting a bit better than an hour and one that has already been flown in the real world 17 times today (as of 1400 PDT).

This is a classic 'light', in that we will be using custom scenery by another - namely Tom Curtis' Inside Passage. So whether you fly it tonight during our Online flight or another time on your own or with others, know that this is as close to the real deal as you can get with your trusty Beaver!

Watch for the NightFlight post in the Forums late this afternoon and either click the pic to go there or select it from the Recent Posts to the right!
EPOCH's 2017 Iditarod Ends

That's right fliers. We have come to the end of a fantastic Iditarod. All of the needs of the mushers, teams and the Iditarod Committee and its myriad of volunteers have been met with skill and efficiency.
Congrats Team & THANK YOU!

The screencap to the left shows what a well-oiled machine looks like. The three Iditarod volunteers for EPOCH were doing their 'thing' on the day I captured this. Look at the timing-unrehearsed of course but sublime in their efficiency!
Ain't Over Yet !

Hey Iditarod Bush Pilots, this is no time to retreat to the hangar. There's still work to be done.

Keep an eye for the next few days on Pop-Up Dispatches as the Iditarod Team dispatches you to return things back to where they belong.


Mitch Seavey

Red Lantern

Cindy Abbott
PREP Flight

In preparation for next weekend's (02/11/17) EPOCH Classic Flight installment, we have designed a 'close to home' practice flight that will be detailed and offered in this Saturday night's Night Flight in the Forum.

Not an " InsomniPilot "? No worries, give this exercise a GO as a solo flight or bring a few Dayfliers for a daytime tryout and get the run in - you'll be glad you did when you go forward next weekend with the classic flight.

The skills that you sharpen or attain in the exercise will serve you well in a week as you will require all of this with at least 5X the drama !!!
Burning Man

The 2016 EPOCH Vacation

Welcome Pilots to our latest Vacation - the 5th Annual!

The scenery package (hosted at the Org) can be downloaded by clicking the pic above or the formal package download pic in Downloads.

The Vacation Information and all related Forum topics can be found by Clicking This Link. This includes information on our Contest for a free X-Plane Version 11 when it is released at the Org Store!

Technical Site Notification

The service provider for our site (Webs) experienced a debilitating DDOS attack last Friday and is still attempting to fully recover from it. Our site is 'sort of' working right at this time, but if you have a problem, like 'Page Not Found' or 'Timed Out', using your back button on your browser and then repeating the request usually works. It is hoped that within 24 hours we will be back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Adventures by Cpt Troll

Starts with NightFlight on Saturday October 1st

Available for all on Sunday morning!

EPOCH Alaska Air is pleased to present a 4 part emergency training simulation on Saturday Sept. 17th's hosted NightFlight and then Sunday as a self-directed adventure.

All details will be POSTED HERE starting on Saturday evening.
Sept. 3rd, 2016

Join us for this rather challenging mission as we repossess a number of aircraft and deliver them to insurance agents and the Marshall

This mission opens for the NightFliers at 2300 EDT on the 3rd but then is open to all thereafter with the download codes shared in the main mission thread (see the "^ NightFlight 09-03-16 @ 2300" thread) in Recent Forum Posts.
Oshkosh Online DayFlight Coming

August 11 @ 1300 EDT

Watch for the Forum Post in the next day or so!

Oshkosh Fly-In

This is a 2-part series with a whole lot of fun and a nod to experimental aircraft and the latest and greatest as well as the young days of flight simulation.

This week (07-23) we present Part One - Flying to Oskkosh from Chicago! Next week (07-30) we have some fun at the event.

Click Here to go to the NightFlight Thread, where all of the details may be found, no matter how or when you are participating. All screenshots from your adventures can be left in that thread as well. There will be a new thread opened next week, also preceded with a '+' sign so you can find it again.

A Hamburger Flight! A Day or Night Flight! Or just a fun ol' time.
Come and see what we've dreamed up to celebrate the great rockfall on the Lamplugh Glacier northwest of Hoonah!
EPOCH's Aleutian Commemorative Campaign

The year is 1943. The Japanese have feinted at Dutch Harbor, blown up some buildings and caused general mayhem, but their real strategy was to occupy the Western Aleutians, depriving the US & Canada of control over the North Pacific.

This scenery, along with the writeups in the Forums ( "*NightFlight..." - those three with an asterick), is placed to allow you, the "friendly US/Canada forces" to fly in support of the bombing missions to Kiska and Attu, where we eventually landed at the former and after heavy fighting retook the island, and the latter where we arrived to find the enemy had fled.

The general "mission" is to depart PADU, Dutch Harbour on Amaknak Island in Unalaska and fly to Atka. After re-fueling and resting, the next hop should take you into Adak, where you will confer with the military brass and be assigned a strike or fighter patrol / combat air patrol. You then depart for Amchitka where you take on fuel once again and prepare for the final push.

From  Amchitka, you strike at the Japanese forces on Kiska, returning to base (Amchitka) for fuel/munitions when needed. Once Kiska has fallen to our forces, and you have supported the landing on the beachhead, you then progress to Shemya. From there, as your staging base, you fly in support of the landings at Attu, bombing the enemy airstrip and forces, planes on ground etc. as well as any that are airborne ast the time. Ultimately, the majority of the force has already left, so you are nearly unchallenged in this. Return to Shemya for re-supply when/if necessary.

When the mission is complete, hop your way back to Dutch Harbor. It is noteworthy that Ogliuga is available as an emergency field if needed due to weather or mechanical issues enroute. There is no fuel there.

Custom Commemorative Scenery is available in Downloads. Click on the Pic to go to the writeup!

Winner: Kerbaugh (Org)
One Shot
One Opportunity
One 'Best-In-Class' Prize

A fun week of flying the Valdez Fly-In & AirShow coupled with an absolutely insane STOL contest that perhaps only a small handful of the most skilled with the very best STOL aircraft can even attempt.

Do You Have What It Takes?
Golden Trail Map Award (for Best Dispatching):  gofigure
RW Teacher simulating a RW TeacherOnTheTrail Award:  rick.hudd
End Of The Race

Today concludes the 2016 EPOCH Iditarod Adventure. 03-20-16

The last of the Dispatches are being done today and all EPOCH Pilots involvement will be tallied over the following days.

So, the Winner of the RealWorld Iditarod:
Dallas Seavey

The Winner of the Red Lantern award:
Mary Helwig

Best Event Support:
EPOCH Alaska Air
Hurry and get your Dispatches flown if you want to grab the last few dollars in the budget. It looks like tomorrow, Sunday March 20th, will be the Red Lantern day, thus ending our Dispatches by day's end and concluding the
2016 EPOCH Alaska Air Iditarod Adventure
EPOCH Continues to Serve
The Dispatches Continue
Dallas Seavey - WINNER!
EPOCH Alaska Air's 4th Annual
See the EPA Portal Above
Watch for the Post & Special Download (for RSVP's Only)
In Downloads Now!


as in - DONE

Introducing the 2015, 4th Annual EPOCH Alaska Air Vacation
EPOCH Master Pilot
The Ultimate Air Rally - December 5th - 14th
See the Top Menu Item "CP JetJerry" for Details!
Join JetJerry on TeamSpeak for 30 minutes, LIVE, starting at 1300 EST TODAY!
We have a HUGE Announcement to make!
Sunday November 1st

1200 EST (1700 GMT)

Watch For It !
Artists Needed!

EPOCH Passage Aviation needs you!

We need 22 signs that are exciting and evoke the feeling of each of our locations in this scenery package build.

Can You Do it?

Beaver Creek 4D

Version 4.1

in Downloads NOW!
Beaver Creek Phase IV, Version 4.1

This subversion was initially raised to add all other exclusion zones to the build to mask any other Custom Scenery (like OSM_North America and 25,000 Airports) assets that conflict with our scenery. During this process, 2 new members requested Lots, so this version includes their facilities as well.

A partial road was laid in at the Resort which, if connected to the Alcan Highway (just west of the river), would bring tourists into the Resort by buses and autos.

A few more minor tweaks to reduce framerate load.
In Downloads Now
In Downloads NOW
Here it is, EPOCH Pilots.

Our 2nd Historic Picnic Flight is ready for you, just in time for a weekend of fun flying.

See Downloads for the link.

This one's for you bminton!
Do You Need A Beaver Creek AirPark Home?
Are you interested in what new things we've all done at Beaver Creek?

Stay Tuned! Coming Real Soon!
Online or Offline, be ready for your EPOCH Weekend with this fun scenery package, found in the Downloads.

Welcome to our first Historic Picnic Flight!
Don't Delay.
Get some Tours done today!

Here They Are!

Lots of fun and cash in the pocket. You also have the choice of some Tour Skeds found in the Sked Area under Forums.

Soul Made Simulations Presents...

The deHavilland Beaver
$29.95 at the .Org Store. Click the Pic to go right there.
Version 10.35+  (Version 9.7 is coming along in just a short while)
4 Soul Made Simulations dHC-2 Beavers to be won!
EPOCH Iditarod Scenery Files

» New 2015 Weather Re-Start Route
» Freshened-up North & South Routes
» New placements at PAMR

Bush Fridays
This Friday  (12/12/14) @ 1400 EST (1800 GMT)
Workin' PAMR

JetJerry has a tamer run for you bushpilots this week, but that doesn't mean it's not immersive. He and ottopilot9 put together the V10 package while Alaskadad and ottopilot9 did it for V9.7 users - A trip from our biggest hub down to a lovely version of Port Alsworth, with some good ol' mountain flying thrown in to keep everyone sharp!

It's that time again!

Departing PABE Bethel, Jet Jerry will take us on a challenging yet rewarding flight to an old fishing camp.

Rewarding for many reasons, not the least of which is ottopilot9's scenery contribution.

Challenging because our Chief Pilot has a few rules up his sleeve that will make you work for your rewards!
EPOCH Tours Released!
Extreme Range Deluxe Tour  |  Over The Frozen Border Tour

See the Forum for the details (under EPOCH Tours - Top of Page)

Ultimate Glacier Pilot scenery is not absolutely required for these Tours, but if not used the actual strips at PASW, CFQ5, UX31 and UX14 will not be available and you must merely land close to the area seen on the detail maps.
EPOCH Scheduled Service Is Now LIVE
Start at the EPOCH Scheduled Service Page under "Forums" - Top NavBar
It's no mystery that the weather has been weird this year. Denali (Mt. McKinley) is no different, except that this weekend will see dozens of climbers going for the summit.
Which might not be such a good idea!

Join us on TeamSpeak anytime through Saturday and Sunday for a rescue adventure never experienced before in our favourite simulator. Instructions available for download in the TeamSpeak channel storage area on Friday night around 2300 Eastern. If you can't make it this weekend, then the instructions will be linked to HERE ON MONDAY. TeamSpeak signup by clicking on the picture in the post below and following the links thereafter.

Participating Pilots: Please post your intentions (Date/Time) in the Online Thread in the Forum so others can see, especially new TeamSpeak Users, and know they can get a bit of assistance in downloading the file etc.

Note: This Adventure makes use of the Ultimate Glacier Pilot payware scenery package. If you do not have this package, and have been a regular participating member of EPOCH in our Forum, then please PM me if you need financial assistance in getting it.  Cheers, bc
Emergency Mission NOW ON.
Early Confirmation

EPOCH Pilots who wish to work on an Emergency Contract will need to get down to the following airport by own transportation or commercial air:

KBFL Bakersfield, California

by the morning of Saturday June 21st around dawn.
All expenses paid - just be sure to get there in a timely fashion.

Your briefing package will be available in the Forum when you arrive.

Friday Night: Emergency Staging.

Saturday Morning: Downloadable Content
Weekend: Deal with the Emergency.

All details will be made available on Saturday morning in a Forum Mission Briefing that goes along with the scenery file.  Dates run from June 20 to 22, as per the Calendar entry. EPOCH Economy is turned on for this.  Stand By....
Sunday June 15th
Staging out of PABE Bethel.

Pilots, please be sure to head over to Bethel at your leisure today, to be ready for the Hamburger Flight to PARS Russian Mission tomorrow. Flying time for the burger flight, to and from Bethel (not counting time on the ground) is under 2 hours. Please use your Personal Aircraft or borrow a different one as needed. Check aircraft availability at Bethel HERE.
$100 Burger Flight

EPIC, the pilots club shown in the picture to the left, is sponsoring our very first fly-in event for a scenic tour and burger lunch, dinner, or snack.
These are always advertised in the Calendar, so check often.

Click the Burger Pic above to be sent to the Forum Topic for details.
Throughout the week, the staff at EPOCH will be building views into our Pilot's Financial Holdings, some of which date back well over a year. Fun times for sure, especially as an opportunity to spend some of it will occur later this week.

So take a few days, grab a checkride in that aircraft you've been waiting to fly, grab a new plane (maybe with our awesome discount at X-Hangar) or maybe just practice some circuits against your favourite aircraft's POH.
The Final Day

That's right pilots. This is the wrap-up day for the

2014 EPOCH Alaska Air's Valdez Fly-in & Airshow.

So why not do a couple rounds of the showgrounds just for exhibition or a nice tour around the Sound. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, just east of the airfield, with a sharp turn to the north, brings you onto the Valdez Glacier. There are some mighty fine (and some mighty challenging) spots to land a ski-equipped bush plane, just for the practice.

All AWARDS here will be announced by 1600 AKDT Today.
The screenshot award at the .Org happens tomorrow night before 2000 AKDT.

We hope you have enjoyed the show.


We're on the last 3-Day iteration of the Fly-In & Airshow.
So don't be shy... jump right in for fun and prizes.

How about an AirShow sequence to whet your appetite?

CLICK HERE for a 5 video Air Show Sequence with the Yak 52.
Keeping The Fun Alive!
Sunday June 1st, 2014
Valdez, Alaska

Keep an eye here this early evening for a very important notice from the Event Organizers in Valdez.

HINT: Don't quit flying now!

HUGE NEW Valdez Airshow Contest

Our friends at Supercritical Simulations Group have come onboard as a major sponsor of our Valdez Adventure. How?
Click the link above and head to the Org to see. You're gonna LOVE IT
The "Recent Forum Posts" feature on this page in the right frame seems to be having a problem today, in that it is not updating for some of us. Tech Support at our website host is on a slowdown due to alien traffic, so it may be a handful of hours before the situation is resolved.

In the interim, please just

and you will be taken to the Forum's Recent Topics sorted page. Scroll down past the 'sticky' topics and you can see current posts which, at this time of writing, include at least some discussion from the NightFlight last evening.

Thank you for your patience!      Admin.


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